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When your get-up-and-go energy is under attack

What do you do when your get-up-and-go energy is under attack? Are you even mindful of those energy messages that run through your body? Is your body, mind, and spirit under good maintenance?

Today we will continue with our accountability conversations to ensure that we reach our destination in our life journey. Let us zoom into this most important topic and see how far we go

To accommodate all schools of thought I will call this a get-up-and-go energy. Some will see it as spirit some will see it as a hormone or neurotransmitter. I am moved to address this area of mental, emotional, and sometimes behavioral challenges because of many of our friends and colleagues who silently suffer from depression. But for now, we will not put any label under it because there are many people who need this get-up-and-go energy.

There are many reasons that put the get-up-and-go energy under attack. The first thing is old age. This energy runs from the brain to the entire body and it either brings glucose or fat to every area of our body. When you run short distances you need more glucose because glucose is a short-term energy source. When you run long distances you need fat because it is a long-term energy source.

Lack of norepinephrine is responsible for cerebral aging and cognitive slowing and even loss of behavioral adjustment. Well at old age the adrenal glands no longer release as much norepinephrine as in their youthful days. This is why there is a need for old people to supplement with their diet and lifestyle norepinephrine that will continue to bring the get-up-and-go energy.

Norepinephrine is the get-up-and-go energy or the natural hormone and neurotransmitter that is released into the bloodstream to bring glucose and fats to every area that will need fuelling in your day-to-day work. This energy brought by this natural hormone is linked to vigilance, arousal, alertness, attention, and motivation. It mobilizes the brain and body for action. It comes from dopamine, one of the three legs of the victory against depression.

In his article: Understanding & Conquering Depression; Professor Andrew Huberman says Norepinephrine, Dopamine & Serotonin are the three legs of the pot which will ultimately cause or heal depression. 

This episode, I explain what major depression is at the biological and psychological level and the various treatments that peer-reviewed studies have revealed can help prevent and treat depression. I explain the three major chemical systems that are altered in depression: norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine. I discuss genetic predispositions to depression and how stress, thyroid hormone and cortisol play a role in many forms of depression. I also discuss inflammation as a common feature of many depression symptoms. I review 8 specific science-supported protocols for treating and avoiding depression, including EPA fatty acids (which have been shown to rival certain prescription treatments), how exercise protects against depression, studies of creatine, adjusting dopamine balance and more. I also discuss the results of ongoing clinical trials for ketamine and psilocybin for depression, how these compounds work and finally, I review how ketogenic diets can help in certain cases of depression, especially treatment-resistant major depression – Professor Andrew Huberman 

I highly recommend the channel of Professor Andrew Huberman and I will recommend for beginners the channel of Doc Snipes these two channels will help in the studies of mental illnesses and addictions. I have also enjoyed the study of Norepinephrine from Doc Snipes. Now let us go there and study Norepinephrine, Dopamine, and Serotonin.

My ultimate goal is to let you know that Get-up-and-go energy is norepinephrine. It is a natural hormone that puts the brain and body to work. We need to understand how to work with it. 

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