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Become a student, a coach as well as an accountability partner every day of your life

I am Vanto Vanto, I help friends navigate life lessons

What if I said to you there is an environment, people, and a way of getting better than yesterday every day without fail? What if you were given space to become what God has potentially graced you to become? There is a way, a place, and people – just waiting for you. We want to learn from you while you also learn from others as we find accountability partners who will let us be.

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Relationship With Destiny

Have you packed everything needed to your destiny? Are you ready? Are you fit for the journey?

Relationship With Others

Are we relational or are we competitive? There is a team we were born with and there is a team we pick.

Relationship With Self

Have we forgiven ourselves from our past mistakes? Are we ready to redefine our destiny?

Our Latest Blogs

The transition from being transactional to becoming relational, meaning not judging yourself based on your performance against others but rather becoming relational to yourself and to others. Learning to win relationships than arguments or cases can bring you to a new way of looking at your life. These blogs will guide you to relationship with others, yourself and destiny.

You can redefine your destiny

You can redefine your destiny through a relationship with self, relationship with others, and relationship with destiny. Find the destiny helpers built within and cooperate with them towards your destiny.

What is your relationship with the happy hormone? When do you pay your happy hormone a visit? Under which conditions do you meet? I'm talking about your dopamine. I came to tell you today that you can sign a new contract with the happy hormone.