Never settle for a shadow

never settle for a shadow

Your shadow can never be you. Even if it has done something as noble as healing people. Even though people will name their churches after your shadow. Your shadow is not you, no matter how much h God has used it. Never very tempted to give it a name. You can never preserve your shadow. Some days it will be present and sometimes it will be absent depending on the presence or absence of the light.

The day the light disappears you will see the true colors of your shadow. The color is called vanity because it shall disappear. It will disappear with the church named after your shadow. You might have been a CEO of a big company and before you joined that company you were not known and suddenly you become this great person and you push the company to great heights. You then lose that position and you never get to rise again. This means that the company with a known brand became the light around you and your shadow became the CEO, and the company, the brand, the light is no more, and the shadow disappears. You can however take comfort in the fact that they never knew you and they did business with your shadow.

Some people were well-known Government Counsellors or Parliamentarians under a certain Political Party name and they lost their positions. After that, they never bounce back again and their fame disappears, even if they did great things for the communities. The possibility is that the Part brand was a big light that shone and their shadow appeared. When people no longer see your good works just because you were at this party know that they never knew you, they were working with your shadow which disappeared with the light of that Party.

Never settle for a shadow, for it shall be nighttime once again and your shadow will be no more. Whether your shadow is brought to visibility by the sun or artificial light, you are not your shadow. It is also possible that you have never met yourself either and chances are that you also knew your shadow and your shadow became famous because of the light that shone around you at the time.

There was one man who knew this truth very well in the Ancient Book of Wisdom. His name was Peter and he went past a few sick people one day and they were healed from their sicknesses just at contact with his shadow. Though we might have seen the shadow cast by the sun he allowed True light that gives life to the hearts of humanity to shine from within. Peter knew this truth: Never settle for a shadow. He refused to allow temporary seasonal lights to define him. You see in certain seasons we encounter lights that draw different crowds and when those lights are gone those crowds will disappear.

You will have the shadow of power that shines from the money supply of that season and you will have certain crowds that will sit under your shadow. You will have power that comes from your position as an employer and all who need employment will come to sit under your shadow. You will have a position in the supply chain of a huge corporation that gives business tenders and the crowd that needs those businesses will come under your shadow. When that seasonal light disappears all those crowds will disappear and that shadow will be no more.

A certain young man in the ancient Book of Parables never understood what Peter knew. This young man grew under a shadow of a benevolent, wealthy, and very wise father. He knew that a portion of his father’s wealth belonged to him. The only problem is that this young man only knew his shadow that comes from the light of his father and had never met his true self. In the full fellowship with his shadow, he concluded that he will ask for his inheritance and go to a faraway country. In the shadow of the riches, he carried basked all his gold digger friends but they soon disappeared when that money was no more. You see he lost two shadows, the first from the light of his father and the second from the light of his father’s riches. He then met the third and final crowd that reflected the truth about what he had become. He fellowshipped with pigs. My dear friends all this means only a pig can attract piggy friends. He was a pig-minded fellow all along until he met his true mental crowd.

The Ancient of Days once asked his disciples: Who do people say I am? He knew that people have a tendency of knowing your shadow and they think they know you. After all the names that were suggested He asked His disciples: Who do you say I am? This is when Peter, the guy whose shadow healed others later said: You are the Christ the Son of the Living God.

Maybe you use a different Book of Wisdom in your Religion. But then Never settle for a shadow; never allow seasonal lights that cast a colorful shadow to define who you are. There is another who was called The Spirit of Knowledge in the Seven Names and attributes given to Him. I want to suggest today that you allow the Light of the Spirit of Knowledge to shine on you and within you. When you embrace the Spirit of Knowledge you will usher the unstoppable River of Knowledge into your Community. As you impart this knowledge and do not hoard it; you will come to your True Self and will never again settle for a shadow.

In conclusion, those who think they know you have never met you. They spent all their years in fellowship with your shadow. You are not your shadow, even if your shadow healed many. Move on from that past no matter how glamorous it looked. Have True Light and meet the True Self which defines who you are. Never settle for a shadow.

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