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Be and let be

Be and let be

These are the Life Lessons with Vanto Vanto articles and I look forward to your contributions as well. “Be and let be!” Yes that is my first Life lesson.

My goal is to harness three areas of our relationships; relationship with self, relationship with others and relationship with destiny. As we are in the journey to our destiny we need the best vehicle to take us there. As we go there my message is to all of us: Be and let be!

This is your journey of life and you need to enjoy every minute of the trip. Trust the pilot and as you sit next to that passenger be yourself and give the fellow passenger the same space to be. No need to compete with your colleague or friend. Remember you might be in the same plane going to the same station but your ultimate destination is not the same.

The best relationship you can ever have with yourself in your life journey is to fully become all that God intended you to become. This means  the main vehicle that is carrying you to your destiny is YOU; your Body, Mind and Spirit. In other words that plane you are flying on, be it Airbus or Boeing it has to become fully itself; the design self for it to arrive in the destination. If it was fully maintained for the journey so must be your Body Health, Mental Health or Spirit health. Your longevity and ultimate health is needed for your life journey.

Find destiny helpers or fellow passengers who will allow and encourage you to be that which God intended you to be. This is the best ever gift of life that you can ever give to yourself. To be is to fully equip yourself for the journey you were meant to travel here on earth. It means that the first soul you do not have to lose or sell is your soul.

The greatest of life obstacles whether human beings or events will always stop you to become that which God intended you to be. Sometimes that obstacle is allowed by God to push you to go over it; around it; under it and even through it to eventually become that which you were meant to be.

It is the fantasy of many to be by not allowing others to be. Instead they want you to be in their own image. True friendship true love true companionship of destiny helpers will not change you to become like them but will give you an atmosphere that will allow you to be.

The atmosphere of peace is found when we be and let be. The best way to relate with self is to be. In the same breath the best way to relate with others is to let them be. The sign of maturity in the life journey is when we allow others to be without compromising your journey to be that you were meant to become. This maturity is a two way relationship and those who will find it will truly enjoy the life journey. 

The third relationship is relationship with destiny. We are able to relate with destiny when we are able to coexist with fellow passengers in our journey of life. My big brother and dear friend Theo Chambers always say we live 24/7 in one house and that is our body. He says we need to make sure that this house is fully taken care of because there is no spare house while we are enjoying the vacation here on earth.

My spiritual father of 10 years Sir Ricci Hausley Sr was the first to share with me Life Lessons and more of what he has shared has to do with building character. Character is the container that will keep our house fit for the journey. By that I would like to conclude by saying: to be is freedom but not loose-ness. Those who are our accountability partners will help us not to betray our destiny and not to sell our soul. Many at times we are our worst enemy when we have to arrive in our destiny. 

Why don’t you share with us about your life journey? Remember this: Be and let Be.

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