You can redefine your destiny

You can redefine your destiny

The blogs I write to you are intended to remind you that change is not difficult. In fact, change is our identity. You can redefine your destiny without any hard work but by working with the capacities that are already inside of you. We just need to be mindful and aware of the daily workings within; which are our destiny helpers. Redefining destiny is the theme of my blogs and I have put three pillars to work around which are:

  • Relationship with yourself

  • Relationship with others and

  • Relationship with destiny

I have put a few tips below, I call them life lessons and I hope they are of great help to you.

Be and let be

You can redefine your destiny when you “be and let be“. Do not compromise the freedom of being you, the you that God has intended you to become. Do not find yourself complaining that someone has stood in the place of you becoming you. When you do this be mindful of the other party as well by not being you at the expense of the other party. Lasting friendships are among those who have both facilitated an atmosphere of being fully themselves according to God’s view.

Being truly ourselves is a sign of a good relationship with ourselves. Allowing others to be themselves is testimony to our maturing in relating with others. This will be the first part of redefining your destiny and I have dedicated a special blog on the topic.

Accountability Conversations

You can redefine your destiny with accountability conversations. We become fully ourselves when we from time to time engage in accountability conversations with our friends and colleagues. When we are fully ourselves as God designed us to be we arrive at our destination. The expert mechanics and their apprentices have Accountability conversations when they are building or maintaining a car for its journeys. Our body, mind, and spirit have to be in the best health for us to reach our goals. We need to account for the wellness of each of these to our accountability partners and accountability coaches.

We need to remember that accountability conversations are a language of love and not accusations in a court of law. We are held accountable by those who will lovingly cheer and guide us to our highest performance. Never entertain a gathering of unaccountable friends no matter how sweet it can be. Each flight we have is a product of accountability conversations for the sake of your safe landing. Establish a culture of weekly accountability conversations in the areas of your growth. Remember that you are a student always. In a nutshell; find accountability partners for areas of growth that you and your life lessons coach will identify.

Become better today than yesterday every day

You can redefine your destiny when you become better today than yesterday every day. Relationship with self, relationship with others, and relationship with destiny are areas around which we need to create daily mindfulness. When we create mindfulness in these areas we create an atmosphere of acceptance of one another through accountability conversations and allowing ourselves to be and let be. The result thereof is that we become better today than yesterday every day.

This happens because we become students each day while we are mentors each day and accountability partners to others each day. This community is mindful of becoming better today than yesterday every day. Becoming better daily is not just a result but it is an intention and a daily goal. It is measurable and realistic because the accountability partners discuss the state of becoming better and they are committing us to document those tasks daily.

Becoming better today than yesterday should become the culture of the community of accountability partners. It must not be accidental it must be intentional.

Don’t just let life happen to you; live life intentionally every day

You can redefine your destiny when you don’t just let life happen to you. We have allowed the default of our daily living to become a passive state where we just become spectators of life happening to us. We have stepped back and let life happen. God never stepped back to let life happen; He is life. He creates life and has put us as co-creators.

We don’t have to let Monday happen. We must write in our diary how our Monday should serve us. We don’t have to let breathing happen; we breathe intentionally with breathing tactics that will allow us to perform better in each endeavor. In this community of accountability partners, we step out to life and not the other way round. This is how we have relationships with self, others, and destiny. It is intentional and mindful daily awareness and activities.

Use your get-up-and-go energy

You can redefine your destiny when you know how to use your get-up-and-go energy. Your norepinephrine is your get-up-and-go energy. I call it energy; not neurotransmitter or natural hormone as it is known biologically. My goal is to bring you to a healthy relationship with your norepinephrine. This is your fuel that gets released through your bloodstream to every place that needs glucose for short-term energy or fat for long-term energy.

If I were to put a face to your serotonin, she would say: “Calm down” and the face of dopamine would ask: “Do you like it?” then the norepinephrine finally comes and say “get up and go fetch it“. Therefore serotonin is your calming hormone while dopamine is your pleasure hormone and lastly norepinephrine is your activity hormone that will put your brain and body to activity. Feed these triplets well and your destiny is redefined.

I have written in-depth in the get-up-and-go-energy blog.

Sign a new contract with the happy hormone

You can redefine your destiny when you sign a new contract with the happy hormone. This is the pleasure hormone that will often ask you the question: “Do you like it?”. This hormone has been built inside to go shopping for all things that will make you happy in life. Remember that it is the hormone that is responsible for releasing happiness inside you.

Now please don’t be confused in case you drink two glasses of wine, this hormone will release happiness you. If you make it a habit to overdo the alcohol intake in you don’t think the happy hormone will release happiness. The happiness hormone is a very strict hormone and if you don’t obey her she will send sadness or stress and even depression to attend the other meetings on her behalf.

Learn to cooperate with your happiness and remember that happiness knows what you need; the adverts will not guide you to what brings the happiness hormone. Whatever you abuse will end up bringing addiction to your life and addiction is by no means happiness but slavery. I have put more about the pleasure hormone in a blog.


I am fully convinced that when you find time to identify your accountability community and practice the things above you can surely redefine your destiny. The information above is a summary of six blogs in which I share life lessons on relationships with self, relationships with others, and relationships with destiny. I hope these nuggets will activate good things within you. Share your thoughts below.

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