Forgiving means you are bigger than that

This is my second article on the subject of forgiveness, today I just got a word that says: forgiving means you are bigger than that. Everyday I learn that forgiveness is not what I thought it was. I say this because every time I am confronted with forgiving; it is always difficult and new. I am always driven to my knees to ask Father God to teach me how to forgive.

Just a few weeks back I wrote an article called: The Maximum Prison of the Offended. I equated to be offended to a Maximum Prison in which the offended goes to hand himself for incarceration. To forgive is the process of walking away from an emotional prison which we voluntarily lock ourselves in. There are things we hold on to thinking that it is our birth right to own them. The state of unforgiveness is when we hold on to these emotional toys at the time when there is a threat of losing them. We have a whisper in our ear that says: if you let go you will be a loser. Somehow we feel that if we forgive we are saying: I surrender; I lose; but today I heard a whisper that says: forgiving means you are bigger than that.

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Forgiving is like death, we never get used to it. Forgiving is one course in the School of Life we will forever fail until we die in the true sense. When we are challenged to forgive, it feels like we choose to die to a certain world and we become born again to a new world. Well indeed when we forgive we die in that movie and we get a new role to play in another movie. When you re dead you are dead, do not rise again to that thought. Do not say: I should have answered her this way, if I did this I would have taught him a lesson. As I say; forgiving is a new concept every time. You do not say; this is what I did to forgive and I will do it again. Every offence is unique experience even if it is repeated in the same way as before. This is a journey of getting bigger than yesterday. Forgiving means you are bigger than that.

In this journey we meet events and the question they ask is: do you think you can stand this one, will you forgive this too? When you cross that river a mountain comes before you and say: are you bigger than this; will you forgive this one too? Forgiving means to overcome an emotional obstacle. I am busy navigating the road of forgiveness with some definitions but if an event shows up suddenly I forget all what I have written here. As we always say: I lose myself! I however cool down to figure out what just happened and I have to walk out of that emotional prison by forgiving. It is a new experience everyday, we are never masters of forgiveness.

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I will put this differently; If I am in a point where I have to forgive it means I am already emotionally imprisoned, I have to find a way of walking out of this prison. It means I am rising once more from another failure of feeling offended. Forgiving is God’s power that releases me from an emotional prison. He gives me this power to jump out of the cobwebs of anger, offence and possibly hatred. I will repeat; we are never masters of forgiveness. We always need a Higher Power of forgiveness reserves.

The landmarks of forgiveness are very important in redefining our destiny. When we pass these emotional obstacles we are upgraded to a new dimension of thought. We enter another paradigm in our Destiny Walk. The size of offences we forgive are equal to the new assignment that God gives us in our Destiny Walk. The things we forgive are measuring sticks and scales that are weighing our maturity in handling bigger assignments in our Missions. Make a list of all the things you had to forgive in life and you will see how far you have walked with God. You will see how bigger you have grown against emotional obstacles.

I want to put this in the simplest way that my 16 year old son will be able to grasp this to his level. I get caught many times in complicated phrases of my Scribal Journey and the message becomes lost to some important sectors of my audience. Imagine you are on a journey to Destiny and your road is made of a special material called emotions. We are not failed by intellect in our destiny journey, we are failed by our emotions. Relationships whether they are business or political and even family relationships will always fail at an emotional level not an intellectual ones.

Forgiving means you are bigger than that
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Therefore as we walk towards our destinies, we need to make sure that they are brighter than our emotional obstacles. You will therefore need to look at your dream and how big it is every time you forgive. Prisons and graves are full of people who failed to respond when an emotional call showed up. Bright careers have been lost in emotional mountains that we failed to climb. Beautiful talents have disappeared in emotional rivers we needed to cross. We were fooled by a phrase that says: “Over My Dead Body” when we needed to cross the river or climb a mountain. My message to you today is: Forgiving means you are bigger than that. Go for it! Forgive again.

When we write these things we are taken where they are located and we are made first witnesses. This is the life of a Scribe we are made to walk thru what we write. At times it is a spiritual travel at times it is practical experience. Both are taxing in the soul especially emotionally. This is the simplest of my writings but I felt such a huge burden first for me and probably for the reader. I may not know you. I may not have time to talk to you. All I may find now as though something is driving you away while I shout these important words: YOU ARE BIGGER THAN THAT! GO FOR IT. GO AND FORGIVE AGAIN.! In the full knowledge that the forgiven will see you for a fool at times, but in God you have transcended a huge landmark to another milestone in your journey of Wisdom. Once again you are free, no matter whether the forgiven chooses to understand differently. Your goal is mot your forgiveness to be discussed, analysed or understood. Your goal is to die to the present event and enter a new portal of tour divine assignment in your journey. Enough said. You are bigger than that emotional obstacle. To forgive is to go over it around it below it through it whatever will take you to the other side.

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