If your identity is incomplete so is your destiny

If your identity is incomplete so is your destiny

Destiny reached and Identity not compromised
If your identity is incomplete, so is your destiny. This is an African reality where we fail to have African solutions because we have betrayed the African Identity. Shunning from a healthy African Identity manifests itself in how we treat one another.

The Francophone countries love French Identity more than the France residents. The Anglophone countries love English identity more than the British. The Portuguese speaking African countries love Portuguese identity more than the citizens of Portugal. Africans have populated Paris, London and Lisbon. Africans display their level of education in how best they speak French, English and Portuguese. They are not forced to keep these identities, they beg to be identified likewise.

The Anglophone African countries go to London to ask permission to succeed in life. London has to validate them to the world as successful. Their greatest academic achievements can only be weighed better by Cambridge and Oxford. They feel better when their money is invested in London. They feel much healthier when treated by London hospitals. Sleeping in London hotels form part of their cv’s.

if your identity is incomplete so is your destiny
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The 2018 world cup was won by France with a team that was African. This team won in the full knowledge that their Identity is French and not African. Their motivation was being French. If they were reminded during half time that they are in fact African chances are that they would lose. The academic Identity of Francophone African countries is undoubtedly French. The financial identity is also French. Paris hold the keys and.the doors of success for Francophone countries.
They are not taken to Paris by force, they are in many cases ready to smuggle themselves through dangerous sea storms just to reach Paris. This is the African reality; destiny reached but identity betrayed.

If your identity is incomplete so is your destiny. The identity and destiny of Africans is London, Paris and Portugal and no one is taking us to these places by force.What is the strength of these 3 cities over the entire African continent? Could it be the weapons they manufactured? Did they have more soldiers? Did they have more money? Is it about all the wealth they looted in Africa?
What is it that these 3 cities did right even before they went to Africa? Our identity is shaped by the books we read, the stories we believe more, the media we listen to and the movies we watch.

If your identity is incomplete so is your destiny. More credible current news about Africa are reported in London, Paris and Portugal. These three cities carry more documentaries about Africa more than all African countries combined. The are more authors and writers in these three cities whose stories are shaping our paradigm. It may no longer be a weapon or money, the real king here is a pen. Someone continues to write while we talk and fight. The old saying goes like: If you want.to hide anything from an African, put it in a book. As African students we have burned more libraries in protest than the books we read or written.

What is God saying about our situation? I wrote last week about the call to pray and write. Kneel in prayer and rise in paper: this is the African solution I present. China, India and Japan have Risen in Paper, they have told their own stories and we’re freed from the same thing that binds us. We need to write about our beliefs more than those who have written for us in the past. We need to write our history we need to write our way out of our challenges. This is the solution which was given to Habakkuk in the story below.
Kneel in Prayer and Rise in Paper

if your identity is incomplete so is your destiny
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You can journal your life out of an identity crisis. There are thoughts that only a pen in your hand can document them better. There are prayers which only a pen can transfer them to many generations to come. The audiences of 500 years to come are praying that we write so that they read our stories. Writing is spiritual mandate for everyone of us. When we write we slow down and calmly put all our thoughts in an organised plan. We need an army of writers who will lead us to the African Renaissance.The European Renaissance was ushered by an army of writers. Write these things! This is God’s command to many of His prophets.

Write these things, this is God’s command to politicians and preachers. But they choose to make quick manifestos so as to win the votes. They choose to preach them so as to fill their churches as soon as possible.
And these things write we unto you, that your joy may be full.
1 John 1:4 KJV

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