Sojourning the chronicles of our lives

Sojourning the chronicles of our lives

If you are reading this message from a status, I am giving you water from a spring. Though springs are hidden and have no names they provide original water, clean. You don’t pay for it because the spring has no name and it is hidden but it is water from the highest quality. Have an ear to hear so that you don’t pay later. We are now sojourning the chronicles of our lives

Metaphorically speaking your life could be like this chapter. Your life could be hidden and nameless as a spring, but from you the Kings and Queens will be drinking. You will be bringing up the highest quality of service but like a spring you are raw and fresh. You are nameless and unpackaged and yet you are the best needed out there. Take solace in the fact that our God, like a spring He is hidden and He does not sell his services though life giving. Be patient of your hidden moments for they are the essence of divinity.

If you are reading this message in a blog you are drinking from the river. In some cases the water can be fresh depending on which side of the river you are drinking. You see some drink where the river is the broadest and deepest for it is big and has a name. Just like a blog with a domain name. A new blog with less traffic is like the smaller part of the river nearest to the spring. When it has thousands viewing it is like the big side where commerce has begun.

Sojourning the chronicles of our lives
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The river metaphor means your songs were  recorded in the studio which is a  spring  but now they are broadcasted in radios for promotion. You are beginning to be visible and your work is now flooded with inquiries from customers. Those who meet you now they call you an upcoming star but when you were at the spring you were a dark horse to them. You are now visible and you are invited for small gigs and journalistic interviews. You are mot there yet but you are now visible.

If you are at the highest end of the river your water is still fresh coming with all the good character from the spring. You are still humble and though visible but not yet a household name. You are a member of parliament but not yet a minister. Everyone likes you for you are a breath of fresh air and a broom that sweeps clean. You are a newlywed and you still remember your vows. You still give out samples to your customers. The food of your restaurant is of a reasonable price. You have just landed a deal from a publisher and or a promoter. You are playing for a.second division.

You are approachable and people love you. You are a preacher with small to medium church. You can still remember everybody by their names. When you are this river at the high end this is where life is meant to give good quality for everyone. Though you are a river you still remember your roots as a spring. You are not overtaken by ambition and you are comfortable at the equal visibility that you all have as a team. You are holding to every advice your coach is giving you. Your food in your restaurant is appreciated by the quality inspectors.

By the time you are reading here this will be the number one ranking website in search engine on related topics. There will be a high traffic of viewers and you will be reading from a referral link or a high ranking YouTube channel. This time is the low end of the river. It has become broader and it has a popular name. The resorts on the river banks are charging exorbitant prices. This is the time when your books are at Amazon e-shop and you are releasing the festive songs. You have been poached from the founding promoter and you have joined the stable of well known professionals. Your autographs are in high demand. You almost forgot that you originate from a nameless hidden spring.

If you are reading this sentence from a book it’s like you are drinking water from a tap. It is not very clean it has become commercialized. In the spring it was about the quality of water but in the taps it is about volumes. There are now many hands in the cookie jar and everyone around you has come for profit. Your church is now bigger and people have to see you through your secretary. This time it’s no longer gigs in a small restaurant corner but you fill stadiums. Everyone needs a piece of you. The sad thing is that though it is still water but it is contaminated and artificial. The message is no longer as life changing but it makes a lot of money. Your talent is now out of your hands

This is a metaphor about your life. You are now popular and you have reached the pinnacle. Your talent feed many but it is highly commercialized. You have become a glorified slave and you are no longer in charge of things. This is where you forget the lessons you learned from the spring. Somehow you have no idea how you started with drug abuse. You are spiraling down and your promoters are now looking for new talent. Your political party wants to remove you from office. You have become a pollution to the atmosphere. Though highly industrialized but the living things are no longer safe under your care. If you happen to die there are many who will celebrate.


We now meet you as a former President in jail. You leave your big church to others to lead when you go to orange overalls. Once a household name but now the dumping area of all the industrial waste. Everyone has profited from you and you die of drug overdose. Under house arrest in a psychiatric hospital and all your fame is gone. Was this how God wanted your destiny to unfold? Was there no other way for you to leave a legacy even for your children’s children? We can change this cycle and it begins with you. If you are still hidden in the spring we can together prepare ourselves for a better life journey. Even at the low end of the river we can still return where God wanted us to be.

This can be a story of my life in my book writing. This could be the story of your life as a professional and academic. Whatever talent you are grooming or distributing, things can either go God’s way or man’s way. I can mess it up or I can leave a legacy. We can build a better world.or lead it to mass destruction. The end of the world will come from our doings and the new earth can live in us from this day. This is the pen of the writer rambling just to bring certain issues to your attention. Some of us are springs and have no names. Some of us are rivers with big names. We are all from one Source let us remember that.

If you are a river with a big name do not disconnect from an invisible spring that has no name. You have water because of that spring. Grow up but remain rooted. Grow up but do not Grow Out lest your mission die. Maybe this spring is your much needed source for now. Maybe you are the spring that we need now. For us to drink from you we need you hidden and nameless. Serve your season faithfully lest you fade away in vain. We are all sojourning the chronicles of our lives; let us leave a good book for the next generations to read.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. Be not wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord , and turn away from evil. It will be healing to your flesh and refreshment to your bones. Honor the Lord with your wealth and with the firstfruits of all your produce;

Proverbs 3:5‭-‬9 ESV

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