The Maximum Prison of the Offended

The Maximum Prison of the Offended

In case you have not noticed right now and right here; you and many of us are in prison. We have voluntary handed ourselves over. The doors of this prison are always open. But none of us are ready to walk out. We all love it inside here because it justifies our statement. This prison takes many inmates each day. They all voluntary book themselves in. It’s a different kind of a prison. It is called The Maximum Prison of the Offended.

Well yes, believe it or not it is not only the offenders who have their prisons. The offended too have their prisons. The offenders get arrested and the offended book themselves in their prison. The offenders have a judge to decide their prison sentence but the offended choose on their own how long they will stay in their prison. The offenders hire attorneys to defend them in a trial  the offended live their sentence without a trial. The offenders have their prisons built of bricks and mortar. The offended have their prisons built in the world of emotions. We all pay tax to rehabilitate the offenders. The offended pay with prison time to remain in their prison.

The cases of offenders begin with a trial but the cases of the offended begin with serving the sentence. Even Jesus speaks more about the prison of the offended than the prison of the offenders. The judgments in the prison of the offended are very harsh and there is none to intervene to make the sentence lighter. The Bible therefore speaks about this prison of the offended in most cases. There are only two kinds of sentences in the prison of the offended: it is death sentences and sickness sentences. Once the death sentence is declared, the prisoner walks alone to the gallows, being titled as both the executed and the executioner. I hope you get it; the kind of death is called suicide.

the maximum prison of the offended
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This is the Maximum Prison of the Offended. It will wipe off your Medical Aid funds. Here is another sentence in this prison, it is chronic or severe sickness. A kind that no doctor can heal. It may begin with stress and depression and that will sabotage your immune system. When you willingly stay in the maximum cell of unforgiveness you have given that sickness a passport to be called incurable disease. My friend when we finish here we need to operate a Prison Break. You can walk out of this prison today. When we don’t forgive the offender we are taking poison everyday hoping it kills the offender. I’m talking about offenders who commit emotional crimes that no court can investigate.

Let us remind one another that the offended who chooses to voluntary hand him/herself to the Prison of the Offended, has an offender who walks Scot-free. This offender is not the kind that can be arrested for committing an emotional crime against you. The unfortunate part is that these are the crimes that will lead even to death to the offended, the responsible party for this death or sickness is not the offender but the offended. This is an emotional crime and not a physical crime. The physical crimes call for justice, the emotional crimes call for forgiveness. In both people can die, in both crimes consequences are severe.

I will repeat this again, the rules are different in the Maximum Prison of the Offended. When an emotional crime has been committed against you, do not seek justice, because you are already behind bars. The solution is to immediately walk out of the prison of the offended. You do this by forgiveness, you do this by loving, by choosing peace. This is how you punish the crime. Most of the times this crime is committed by the closest to us, not enemies. That is why the Bible call these culprits “a brother”, this includes a sister, a friend, a husband, a wife. I will say this once more, the crimes are.always deadly, but the choice to serve the sentence will always be yours.

“If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your brother.

Matthew 18:15 ESV

The offender is not your enemy, it is the closest person you are with. Do not seek justice after an emotional crime is committed but you need to gain back your “brother”. The first brother you want to protect here is YOURSELF. You cannot afford to loose yourself. The emotionally offended victims always respond to these crimes by LOOSING THEMSELVES.

The prison of the offended has this goal: that you will loose yourself. This prison does not only need you to be sick and to die, the third sentence in this prison is to rob you of your dream. You loose your job you loose your career you loose your marriage. They all ask you later: What went wrong? You say, it happened so fast, I just lost it and the rest is history. You don’t tell them that YOU LOST YOURSELF. If you hate, you envy, you don’t forgive, you loose yourself. Africa has not only lost lands and valuables to the economic assassins, the Africans Lost themselves. Return! You are too valuable to Loose Yourself over nothing.

The maximum prison of the offended
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And if he trespass against thee seven times in a day, and seven times in a day turn again to thee, saying, I repent; thou shalt forgive him.

Luke 17:4 KJV

Emotional assassins are vicious. Their tongue stabs deep in the soul. They have stamina to throw to you every day even seven times a day: a word of offence. It is like a python conscription you and wrapping yourself around your soul. They will come asking forgiveness thereafter. Do not seek for justice, gain a brother, GAIN YOURSELF. your dream is too valuable. Never succumb to a dream killer.

Walk out of that prison. You are both the executioner and the executed. You are the judge and the accused. Do not hand yourself in the prison of anger, hatred and unforgiveness. YOU ARE BIGGER THAN THAT. Say: I AM BIGGER THAN THIS. I will not seek petty justice. The rules are different. I must gain my brother by GAINING MYSELF FIRST.

I will not succumb to lethal words of a Dream Killer. No one will separate me from the Love of God. I am love. I am Relationship. I shall not loose myself.My destiny is precious. The joy of the Lord is my strength. Good bye to the Maximum Prison of the offended. This day you have lost me. I am free at last!

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