Time is a house of your purpose in this realm

Time is a house of your purpose in this realm

Time is a house of your purpose in this realm

When we finish this installment; I would like you to go with these words: Time is a house of your purpose in this realm. We are continuing with our topic on the Mysteries of Time. My goal is to convince you that there is more to Time than we think. Time does not just RAIN upon us or SNOW upon us. Time is a very essential tool that will work for us if we understand it well.

In my first installment I began by quoting from the bible in the Chapter 3 of Ecclesiastes. We found a lot of statements there like Time to Love and Time to hate(vs 8).
I said God is Love and He has no time to Hate. This means therefore there are certain times we can not succumb to and accept them as our fate .

I also said the same chapter speaks of time to get and time to lose (vs), but we have poor people who are on a perpetual loss and never experience a time to get. So in a nutshell Ecclesiastes 3 put a gloomy picture of helplessness under the dictatorship of time.

Having said that all, when you look at the first verse, it mentions that “To everything there is a season and time to every purpose under the heaven” Now this is GOOD NEWS because it says under the heaven.

The Bible speaks of a part of us called the spirit man as not being subjected to be under heavens. This part of of us has that ability to access heavens therefore we are not in our entirety under heavens.  And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus:
Ephesians 2:6 KJV 

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There has been different explorers of time and all do not come with the full definition of time and its purpose. Theoretical Physicists have done a lot of research but they fail to realize that the Creator gave us a time substance that has its spirituality and morality, that carries its philosophy and psychology.

Time is the best gift from God. It is the single most expression of His Love to us. That is why we speak of the NOW Time as PRESENT, because when you actually realize the riches of the NOW Moment, you will be left with nothing to say but conclude that indeed it is a present.

Time is not a Master but an Intelligent Servant full of mysteries. Our God gave us time as a companion through which He communicates His Wisdom and Mysteries.

Time is not a cloud that will just come to rest over us. Time is a container. It is  a habitation. We can build in it different design pockets. Just as we have different houses and architecture thereof so we can do with time.

Time has been designed to be inhabited by our purposes in this realm. If you have no purpose, the house called time remains empty. You will not know what to do with it. You will end up giving it a new name like: African Time.

I will end here today; TIME IS A HOUSE OF YOUR PURPOSE. “To everything there is a season and TIME TO EVERY PURPOSE” Ecclesiastes 1:1(a). Find your PURPOSE and you will be a friend of TIME. Have a good day.

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