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You can sign a new contract with the happy hormone

You can sign a new contract with the happy hormone

What is your relationship with the happy hormone? When do you pay your happy hormone a visit? Under which conditions do you meet? I’m talking about your dopamine. I came to tell you today that you can sign a new contract with the happy hormone.

We are going to talk about your dopamine, not just anybody’s dopamine. We talk about your dopamine because it needs a new contract. Your dopamine has the last say in your life – not you. When people commit suicide it simply means the dopamine has spoken. When people face depression it means the dopamine has spoken. It is the sad reflection of a contract gone wrong between dopamine and humanity.

Dopamine is a happiness hormone and it has God-given rules on how to spread the happiness activities in your life. Before you meet anyone, meet your dopamine. Before you sign a contract with your employer; sign your contract with your dopamine. Your dopamine is your happiness hormone and it is your responsibility; not the employer’s. When you have not done your relationship with your dopamine, don’t blame it on the employer. Does that make the employer go scot-free? No not at all; he must answer for his/her wrongs just as you must answer to your dopamine.

How do we relate to our dopamine? We only want to meet our dopamine at the places of our own prescription but we never want to listen to our dopamine preferences. We drink coffee and we seethe dopamine showing up but we do not agree with the dopamine how many cups we must drink in a day. We take a glass of wine and we see dopamine showing up, and we go to our own conclusion that dopamine will always show up no matter how much alcohol intake I have. We watch a movie and dopamine shows up, and we conclude that we must go binge-watching of television series with the hope that dopamine will always be next to us. The funny thing is that dopamine attends only a certain number of meetings and the rest he sends stress to attend them and when stress gets tired she sends depression to attend the remaining meetings. Suicide, unfortunately, attends the last meeting when all others have attended. You don’t need to come to that last meeting.

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